Push/Walk-Behind Mower Starter Service


Stark Street - Portland
11827 SE Stark St
Portland, OR

Service Description

Pressure Wash Machine
Check Compression
Change Oil
Clean or Replace Air Filter
Clean Float Bowl
Clean Engine Cooling Fins
Replace Spark Plug
Check Blade Brake Operation
Check and Set Engine RPM
Lubricate Wheels and Controls
Inspect Safety Devices
Check and Tighten all Fasteners
Charge Battery if Equipped
Sharpen and Balance Blade
Adjust for Easy Starting

**** Price listed is for labor, all parts are an additional charge****

The “Real” Experts

At Stark Street we understand that being without equipment is frustrating.

We carry an extensive inventory of OEM parts to either be purchased over-the-counter or used by mechanics working on your machines.

We also know how important it is to have a reliable, trustworthy place to get answers about your equipment. In 1965, we opened our first store and have grown to 7 locations so you can get the service and answers you need closer to where you live and work.

Top Quality Maintenance & Repairs by Factory-Certified Technicians

Our mechanics have decades of experience which means we can offer efficient, accurate, and affordable service and repair work. We maintain or repair 10,000+ units a year and employ technicians who attend yearly manufacturer update schools for the brands we sell.

Brands We Service

Wondering if we can fix it?

Give our service department a call and we’ll let you know!

(**** Price listed is for labor, all parts are an additional charge****)